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King family
"Price performance is right with heytimi. Maxi is happy and so are we as parents."
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Anja K. (Mother)
"Super system, nice teachers and everything looks really nice too"
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Andreas (Dad)
"We have one less problem in the family thanks to heytimi, 5 stars for that :)"
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Antonia (schoolgirl)
"Thank you dear heytimi team! My teacher Franzi is great! Would recommend heytimi anytime :)"
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This is how easy online French tutoring works at heytimi

Arrange a free trial lesson with us and let us know for which subject and grade you need tutoring. Our experts will immediately start to find the right tutor for you.

After you have received the appointment confirmation, you can access our digital classroom via the appointment login area, where you can get to know your personal tutor without any obligation and you can create a tutoring plan tailored to your individual needs.

You can then book one of our lesson packages and arrange further appointments with your tutor.

Tutoring online

Tutoring in the digital classroom

The heytimi digital classroom has been developed by our developers in collaboration with our teachers and students to be optimally suited for school teaching. It offers the following features:

Video telephony to work optimally with the teacher

Easy upload for worksheets with smartphone, PC or tablet

Interactive collaboration on exercise sheets and the whiteboard

All our student data is stored on our own servers in Germany

school planner

Flexible booking at any time

No matter if you want to have a fixed appointment with your teacher every week, or if you like to stay flexible because maybe there is a football match or you are invited to a birthday party, with heytimi you have full flexibility.

You can use the chat to make individual appointments with your personal tutor.

Should something come up, appointments that have already been made can be cancelled or postponed completely free of charge in consultation with your tutor.

Your purchased lesson packages can also be used for other teachers and subjects


More order with the free heytimi document management system

All your worksheets are stored in our smart document storage. This means you can access them again with your teacher at any time and prepare yourself optimally for the upcoming exams.

Free document management

Easy upload before class

Easy download after class

Over 160 available tutors

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Grade 5 to 13
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Grade 7 to 13
Student teacher
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Grade 5 to 13
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Grade 9 to 13